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Hi, I’m Ronan. I'm a Career Coach and Business Mentor that specialises in career coaching, career planning, executive coaching, self-employment preparation and interview preparation. Over the past number of years, I've had the privilege of working with thousands of professionals at all stages of their career and at all levels within organisations - from interns all the way up to CEOs. Through this experience, I’ve been able to develop and hone a wide variety of skills, techniques, tools and strategies to facilitate and empower clients to create practical plans and get results.

I recommend doing a 90-minute session to start, with a follow-up 90-minute session 2/3 weeks later. Over the course of two months, I provide support on the phone (up to one hour) and by email. The sessions are tailored to your needs and focused on getting practical results. You can find out more about me or contact me. Feel free to request a free phone call.


How it works

Step 1: Identify where you’re getting stuck (e.g. knowing which path to take, identifying the right opportunities, creating compelling applications, selling yourself well)

Step 2: Create viable solutions to deal with the issues and a practical action plan

Step 3: Execute the plan and deal with any issues that arise in the meantime

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Book an Online Coaching Session

  1. Identify top needs and priorities

  2. Create a professional profile

  3. Outline transferable skills

  4. Review CV and cover letter

  5. Discover suitable opportunities

  6. Complete interview preparation

  7. Set compelling goals

1-Month (£300) or 3-Month Packages (£500)

Watch a TV interview

Key topics covered in this interview include:

  1. Leaving a job

  2. Asking for a promotion

  3. Taking your next career steps

  4. Answering the ‘weakness’ question

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Google Reviews



2 x 90-Minute Sessions

(or 3 x 60-minute sessions)

30 minutes of phone support

Sessions in-person / on Skype

CV and cover letter review

1-month phone/email support


(One month time limit)


4 x 90-Minute Sessions

(6 x 60-Minute Sessions)

30 minutes of phone support

Sessions in-person / on Skype

CV and cover letter reviews

3-month phone/email support


(Three month time limit)


3 x 90-Minute Sessions

Clarify and develop your vision

Outline your 5 key goals

Create and monitor new habits

Sessions in-person / on Skype

3-month phone/email support


(Three month time limit)

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